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Cabin Classes

There is only one class on almost all domestic flights.

Aircraft used are smaller and require greater utility of use than the larger planes most travellers are used to. Additionally, there are not sufficient numbers of passengers year round to justify the investment in larger aircraft and their commensurate increase in both in-flight and on the ground operating costs.

Regional airlines in East Africa not only fly between major cities / towns and their respective airports, but also service remote areas in wildlife areas (game parks, game reserves, conservancies) and the islands.

From a tourism perspective, the regional airlines are carrying travellers who arrive in the country via large international carriers. These travellers then disperse to hundreds of destinations to experience the unique offerings of the area.

In addition, the number of passengers at any given time for each destination varies: between cities and towns there will be more than between cities / towns and, for example a game park or an island.

Remote destinations do not have airports; they tend to have airstrips with gravel surfaces that are limited in their length.

This requires using aircraft that are able to multi-task economically – thus keeping ticket prices realistic – and of course to do so with absolute safety, comfort and speed.

The result is smaller aircraft, typically 8 to 30 seats, able to operate under a variety of take-off, landing and flight conditions.

In most instances, these aircraft are operated by a single pilot, leaving the ‘right-hand’ seat open for passenger use. This seat is slightly larger than the cabin seats, and passengers requiring a little more space can easily request this seat when boarding.

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