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Fly from Pemba Island (PMA) to Tanga (TGT)

Whether you’re travelling from Pemba Island to Tanga for vacations, business or family visits its always a smart choice to compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal before booking your travel. Travelling from coastal town to coastal town up the East coast of Tanzania where Tanga is situated is a rather quick and scenic the journey and before you know it you would be graced by the stunning shores met by the Indian ocean and get a whiff of that fresh ocean air you will see it was well worth all the effort.

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Distance and Flight Time

The flight from Pemba Island Airport to the city of Tanga, some 78 kilometres or 49 miles almost due north takes between 20 minutes depending on the aircraft used. Tanga is one of the biggest cities in Tanzania with over 220 000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Tanga Region, bordering on Kenya. There are regular flights from Pemba Island to Tanga with Auric Air.

If you prefer to get a better lay of the land you can also travel by ferry from the Island back to the mainland with the trip covering an 80-kilometre route and should take you around 2 hours by a speedboat while a little longer if you’re travelling by dhow.

Not to Miss During Flights

Soon after taking off the town of Chake-Chake slips by as your plane heads a little north of west, bound for the Tanzanian coast and the city of Tanga. Before you leave Pemba behind and head out over the Zanzibar Channel, look out for the islands to the west of Pemba itself, Pemba’s western protection, and places of incredible dive sites.

Up ahead, the inshore islands of Yambe and Karume soon come into view, and very soon the descent for the airport commences. Before too much altitude is lost, you may catch a glimpse of the East Usambara Mountains before the pilot executes the approach turn to line up for the runway.

Airport & Layover Tips

Tanga Airport is one of the smaller airports in the country and only services a small amount of regional and local flights per day. The airport lies less than 3km (1.9 miles) west of the city itself.  Baggage collection at this basic airport is an easy affair, as is finding the transport to take you to your next destination.

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