Hot Tips For Attempting Self-Drive Safaris in East Africa

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Your East Africa Self-Drive Safari Checklist

Everyone feels the call of the wild at some point in their life. Getting out for a safari in East Africa is one of the best ways to interact with nature, wildlife, and really reconnect with your primal self. Have you ever considered through a safari without a guide? Embarking on a safari self-guided is a great way to divert from the beaten path and discover hidden watering holes and savannahs that are not usually explored by tour groups.

Touring in a group has its advantages, but this method is sometimes a bit crowded and you don't have the freedom to do what you want when you want.  If you are adventurous spirit and don't mind exploring new territories on your own, then self-drive safaris might be right up your alley! When you are ready to really experience the wild, there is no better way to do it than on your own. Here are some tips that are really going to help you to have a safe and amazing experience.

5 Things To Consider Before Attempting a Self-Drive Safaris

1. Look At The Quality Of The Reviews Of The Company

When you are looking at a list of the self-directed tours out there, it is important to ensure you are looking at the quality of the locations in addition to the price. Sometimes the cheapest option is not the best and what you save costs you some integral necessities to ensure the success of your trip. Generally, there may be a hole in some part of the equation.  This is why it is so important that you do your homework on the companies you choose to go with. Make sure you research them thoroughly and read the reviews of these companies before you make any decisions.

2. Have A Car With The Right Capabilities?

It is important when planning your trip to have a vehicle with rough and off-road capabilities. Generally, a four-wheel drive is the minimum level of power for a trip. Also, for most of the journey, your vehicle will be in park, so you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible. We recommend a good reliable vehicle, with off-road capabilities, comfortable seating and air conditioning. a good car with an air conditioner.

If you are taking your own vehicle on safari, ensure that your car is completely outfitted with supplies. Your car would need to be in tip-top shape, a tune-up is a must before a journey like this. It's also a good idea to carry extra oil, gas, and a backup set of tires for your vehicle. Pack enough food, water, first-aid kit, and other essential supplies are for safe exploration.

3. Ensure You Have The Right Equipment And Accommodations

Any company that you are booking your self-guided safari with should provide you with basic equipment guide for your trip. You should have a first aid kit, a blanket, food, water, and other staples. It is important as well that you speak with the company in advance about any needs you may have and that they help you plan for them. If you are going out on your own, any medications, as well as any allergies, are going to be important for accommodations along the way.

A self-guided safari does not mean that a tour company is not planning your stay. It is important to discuss with the company the kind of accommodation you are looking for and that you may need for health reasons. It is important to communicate all these needs to your travel tour group ahead of time.

4. Check Your References

Going with a local company is the way to ensure you are investing your money back into the local economy. A way to ensure that they are reputable is to speak with past references and ensure that they are also registered with the Tanzanian government. Ensuring registration means that they are in good standing. The company should be willing and able to answer any questions you have about any hotel or destination.

5. Important Wildlife Guidelines

When dealing with wildlife it is very important to realize that they are wild animals and are going to be very unpredictable. Here are a few guidelines.

  1. Never drive too close to large herds, always maintain distance.
  2. Do not hang out of your car.
  3. Always stay in the vehicle if you are on a self-guided safari.
  4. Never break up elephants, particularly maintain distance from bull elephants.
  5. Stay away from bright colours and from strong perfumes as they will raise the curiosity of animals.
  6. Never run from a predator. This will make the animal give chase.

Best Self-Directed Safari Companies in Tanzania

  1. African Legends Tanzania Safaris
  2. Seven Wonders Safaris Tanzania
  3. Go Tanzania Safari

If you would prefer a guided tour though, have a look at Tripindigo's range of Safaris and Other Day Tours. We source from only the best suppliers so you'll be sure to have a great adventure.  

Gear Up For Your Safari

Start that research process and make sure that you crossed all your T's and dotted all your I's before you book your self-drive safari. Take lot's of water to beat the heat, and have a blast! 

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

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Disclaimer: The recommendations above are of general public opinion. Tripindigo cannot take responsibility for any happenings with 3rd party booking bookings with no relationship with us.

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