Flights to Airstrips of Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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As one of the most popular parks in Tanzania, Serengeti national park is the top destination for many tourists coming in for a safari experience. Given how big it is, there are various options for accommodation and transportation to ensure you have the best safari experience that money can buy! Tourists traveling to Serengeti by plane can land inside the park, which has several airstrips supporting several domestic shuttle flights. There are a total of nine airstrips inside the park which provide easy access to accommodation and other facilities in the park. These airstrips’ locations were developed to be as close as possible to the various accommodations and facilities to promote ease of travel to the visitors. 

  • The Seronera airstrip: The primary and largest airstrip located in the heart of Serengeti park. It is home to various lodges, camping sites and hotels in addition to a few more facilities that are not found in other airstrips. 

  • The Kusini and Ndutu airstrips: Small airstrips situated in Southern Serengeti that offer easy access to the areas that are difficult to reach by road. It is also close to the area where the wildebeest migration starts, providing a scenic view of the migration from above. 

  • Kogatende airstrip: In the northern Mara part of the Serengeti is the Kogatende airstrp, the less touristy part of the park but home to several lodging options.

  • Lobo and Klein airstrips: Located on the northern-eastern side of the Serengeti, they are a few kilometers apart providing access to the remote part of the park all year round. The Lobo airstrip is also close to the Lobo communities nearby.

  • The Grumeti, Sasakwa and Kirawira airstrips: Located on the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park, close to the Grumeti river that contains some of the largest crocodiles you will ever see. When you visit during the migration season, you might be lucky and get a view of the annual feast as wildebeests attempt to cross the river!

Getting there 

All shuttle flights to Serengeti airstrips start from the neighboring cities of Arusha and Kilimanjaro. If you are coming from other destinations, make sure to fly/drive to one of the city’s airports and go from there. Flightlink, Auric Air, Coastal Aviation, Air Excel and Grumeti Air have daily flights to and from Serengeti in the morning and afternoon. Depending on the airline service and how many stops it makes, your flight time could be around 1 to 2 hours to your final destination. 

Important note upon arrival is, there are no readily available transfer options like taxis waiting for you once you land. Make sure to organize the transfer with your booked accommodation owner who will know your arrival/departure time and will ensure that transport is laid on to your lodgings. 



These airstrips are located inside the park where it is full of dirt and grass, most of them having no facilities like ATM, car hire or travel information desks. Flying to the nearest airstrip where your accommodation is located is crucial to have all your needs met. 

However, if you travel to the Seronera airstrip which is the largest in terms of size you can expect to see the following facilities; Tourist Information Center, Two Fuel Stations, Shops, Kiosk for refreshments and snacks, Pharmacy, One building that serves a lobby, Special and Public Campsites. 


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