Things to Do at Night in Kenya!

Kenya is a fun, exciting, and unique vacation destination. You have probably heard a lot about adventurous safaris, action-packed excursions, exotic wildlife, serene beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. These are primary activities to do during the day, so you must be wondering the options you have once the sun starts to set. Kenya’s nightlife is just as impressive as the day. These are some things to do at night in Kenya:


Nairobi, the capital city, is also well-known for its bars. The locals love going bar-hoping. It is a unique and colorful part of the traditions of city life. Many Nairobians can go to at least five different nightclubs before calling it a night. If drinking at different bars and going around the city mingling with the locals is something you want to do, bar-hoping is the perfect activity at night. The most well-known bars are 1824 Whisky, 40Forty Lounge, Brew Bistro, B Club, and Golden Ice Bistro. The best thing about the bars in Nairobi is that many of them have a balcony or rooftop setting, allowing you to view the spectacular city. It is time to drink the night away and enjoy the social experience.

Dinner Dates

Nigeria has many excellent restaurants, perfect for date night with your significant other. It is also an opportunity to indulge in local cuisines. Some of the best restaurants include Abyssinia, Mama Oliech, La Tasca, and Boho Eatery.

Visit Bomas of Kenya

Another nighttime activity in Nairobi, the Bomas of Kenya, is home to local tribes. The village is decorated with unique and inspiring village houses. Bomas translates to homesteads, and the village is an excellent opportunity to learn about the traditions and cultures of the Kenyan tribes. The village is also known for having one of the largest auditoriums in Africa.

The Spinners Web

The Spinners Web is a store in Nairobi designed to showcase the exquisite and crafty work of the local weavers. The store is also an excellent opportunity to buy some inspiring merchandise to take home or as gifts. You will find more than 450 shopkeepers in the store. The beautiful colors and artistic work will mesmerize you


Nairobi also has several acclaimed theatres where you can spend your night. You can enjoy musicals, entertaining dramas, and other stage shows inspiring visitors. The entertaining shows depict the local traditions and culture. Two of the most well-known theatres in the region are the Kenyan National Theater and Alliance Française.

Strolling Through the City

Many tourists love to stroll to explore city life without any particular destination in mind, stopping at things that catch their eye. If this is something that you enjoy, you can walk in the city at night. However, it would help if you were cautious since it is not the safest option. You will want to walk in groups, keep your precious belongings at your hotel, only have as much money on you as you need, and never go walking off the main roads.


Kenya is a country full of life, culture, and fun-filled activities to learn, explore, and have a good time. You must also know about the Five Must Do’s in Kenya.