Top 10 foods you must try in Kenya

One of the best things about traveling is learning about the local traditions. One of the best ways to experience this is through local foods. Food speaks volumes and has a unique and articulate story about the local people. Kenya’s colorful traditions and tribe are reflected through the many tantalizing foods that the locals eat. The country has 42 recorded tribes, and although you can’t taste the food of every tribe, you can discover some fantastic cuisines. The top 10 foods you must try in Kenya include:


Ugali is considered a national food and is similar to Italian raw cornmeal. The dish is made with cornmeal (maize flour) mixed in hot water. Once it is heated to the extent that it has a dough-like texture, the dish is ready to serve. The maize flour can also be substituted with millet flour, sorghum, or cassava flour.

Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma is a gift from Swalihi. You can find Nyama Choma at many grill restaurants throughout the country. It is grilled beef or goat that is slow-cooked over a fire. The tender and well-cooked meat are juicy, soft, and delicious. Some restaurants even serve chicken or fish choma.


Pilau has a special place in the cuisines of Kenyans. Pilau is a rice-based dish served with chicken or beef and prepared using various spices. Pilau is traditionally served during celebrations or events, such as weddings.


Mukimo is Kenya’s version of mashed potatoes. The mash potatoes are served with various toppings, such as corn, spinach, or other nutritious ingredients.


Omena, also known as Silver Cyprinid, is a unique delicacy. Omena is a type of fish that is eaten as part of meals. Apart from its taste Omena also offers many nutritional benefits and is loaded with calcium.

Kenyan Style Stew

Kenyan Style Stew is served with meat, including chicken, goat, or beef. The stew is an aromatic and sensory experience. The powerful aroma is so strong that many restaurants prepare the stew solely to attract customers.

Wali Wa Nazi

Wali Wa Nazi is a coconut rice dish prepared with coconut milk, boiled rice, and coconut meat. The dish originates from the coastal regions and is traditionally served with Kenyan stew or chicken curry.


Samosas are tasty, triangle-shaped pastries made with different fillings, including vegetables, potatoes, or minced meat. The deep-fried pastries are great with tea.

Viazi Karai

Viazi Karai is another aromatic experience that will take you on a culinary journey. Viazi Karai is another coastal dish that is first boiled and then deep-fried.


Ingoho is a Luhyas dish that is traditionally served for essential guests. The dish is prepared by roasting chicken. The dish is also served with onions, spices, and tomatoes.


Participating in a culinary journey is an essential part of traveling that will complete your trip. You can learn many things about the local ways and traditions. Kenya will spoil you for choice and is the perfect opportunity for foodies. Apart from food, Kenya is also known for safaris. You can read our Take The Best of Kenya Safari to learn about the best places to visit to make the most of your vacation.